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Personalized Love Theme Pillow

₹ 336

₹ 550


Certainly! Here's a detailed description of the "Love Theme Pillow" in the form of pointers:

Size: 16x16 inches, providing a cozy yet noticeable presence on any sofa, bed, or chair.
Material: Crafted from premium cotton-polyester blend fabric, ensuring softness and durability for everyday use.
  - Front: A captivating display of intertwined hearts in various shades of red, symbolizing love in its many hues. Delicate floral accents add an extra touch of elegance.
  - Back: Solid color background, complementing the front design and allowing for versatile styling options.
  - Double-stitched seams for enhanced strength and longevity, ensuring the pillow withstands regular use and washing.
  - Concealed zipper closure along the bottom edge, seamlessly blending into the design while providing easy access for inserting or removing the pillow insert.
  - Plush and fluffy feel, offering exceptional comfort and support for lounging, napping, or cuddling.
  - Hypoallergenic filling, making it suitable for individuals with sensitive skin or allergies.
Care Instructions: 
  - Machine washable for effortless maintenance, preserving the pillow's vibrancy and freshness over time.
  - Tumble dry on low heat or air dry to prevent shrinkage and maintain the pillow's shape.
  - Perfect for gifting on occasions such as anniversaries, weddings, Valentine's Day, or simply to express affection to a loved one.
  - Ideal for adding a romantic touch to living rooms, bedrooms, or any space in need of a heartfelt accent.
  - Option to customize with names, dates, or special messages embroidered or printed on the pillow for a truly unique and sentimental gift.
  - Delivered in a chic and protective packaging, ensuring the pillow arrives in pristine condition and ready to delight its recipient.

With its exquisite design, superior quality, and thoughtful details, the Love Theme Pillow serves as both a stylish decor piece and a heartfelt expression of love and affection.

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