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Customised Red Fur Pillow

₹ 336

₹ 550


Sure! Here's a detailed description of the "Red Fur Pillow" in the form of pointers, tailored to a 16x16 size:

Size: 16x16 inches, offering a compact yet impactful size suitable for accentuating sofas, beds, or chairs.

  Cover: Crafted from premium faux fur, providing the luxurious look and feel of real fur without any harm to animals.
  Insert: High-quality polyester filling, ensuring plushness and excellent support while maintaining the pillow's shape over time.
  Rich Red: A deep, vibrant red color that adds a bold and dynamic touch to any decor, evoking feelings of warmth and elegance.

  Front: Covered in long, silky faux fur fibers that create a lavish, touchable surface, perfect for adding a touch of opulence and comfort to your space.
  Back: Matching red velvet or soft microfiber fabric, providing a smooth and contrasting texture to the fur, allowing for versatile display options.

  Front: Full coverage of faux fur, creating a seamless and plush appearance that is both eye-catching and inviting.
  Back: Complementary solid color fabric that enhances the overall aesthetic while offering a different texture option.

Reinforced Seams: Double-stitched seams for added durability, preventing fraying and ensuring the pillow withstands daily use.
Hidden Zipper Closure: Discreet zipper along one edge for easy removal of the insert, maintaining a sleek look while allowing for easy maintenance.
  Plush Feel: Soft and fluffy, providing exceptional comfort whether used for lounging, napping, or as a decorative piece.
 Hypoallergenic Materials: Safe for those with allergies or sensitive skin, ensuring a comfortable and healthy environment.
Care Instructions:
  Spot Clean: Clean with a damp cloth and mild detergent to maintain the fur’s softness and vibrant color.
  Hand Wash: Option for gentle hand washing and air drying to preserve the integrity and longevity of the faux fur.
   Decor: Ideal for enhancing living rooms, bedrooms, or any space that could benefit from a luxurious, bold accent.
Occasions: Perfect for festive decor, themed rooms, or as a standout piece in modern and contemporary interiors.
  Customization: Option to add embroidered initials, names, or special messages on the back fabric for a personalized touch, making it a unique gift or custom decor item.
  Protective Wrapping: Carefully packaged to ensure the fur remains pristine and fluffy during transit.
  Eco-Friendly Storage Bag: Includes a stylish, reusable storage bag, making it an excellent choice for gifting or keeping the pillow in top condition when not in use.

The Red Fur Pillow, with its vibrant color, luxurious texture, and superior craftsmanship, serves as an elegant and cozy addition to any home, offering both style and comfort.

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