Create Your Own  Customised Pillow  - White, 16*16

Create Your Own

Customised Pillow

₹ 336

₹ 550


Sure, here is a detailed description of a customized simple pillow (16*16 inches) in the form of bullet points:

Material Options:
  Cover Fabric Choices:
    - 100% Cotton
    - Linen
    - Velvet
    - Microfiber
  Filling Options:
    - Hypoallergenic Polyester
    - Memory Foam
    - Down Feather
    - Eco-friendly Buckwheat Hulls

Customizable Elements:
  Color and Pattern:
    - Solid colors (wide range of options)
    - Custom patterns (stripes, geometric, floral, etc.)
    - Personalized prints (photos, artwork, logos)
    - Personalized text (names, initials, quotes) with various font options
    - Custom designs or logos

Functional Features:
  - Removable and washable cover with hidden zipper
  - Double-stitched seams for added durability
  - Breathable fabric to keep cool in summer and warm in winter
  - Anti-static and anti-pilling properties for fabric longevity

Eco-friendly Options:
  - Organic cotton cover
  - Recycled polyester filling
  - Biodegradable packaging

Design Features:
  - Choice of edge styles (piped edges, flanged edges, plain seams)
  - Customizable front and back (different designs on each side)
  - Option to add tassels or pom-poms at corners

Comfort and Support:
  - Adjustable filling option for personalized comfort (zippered inner liner for filling addition/removal)
  - Ergonomic design for optimal neck and head support
  - Soft, medium, or firm fill options to cater to different preferences

Special Features:
  - Hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant materials
  - Moisture-wicking properties for added comfort
  - Anti-bacterial and anti-microbial treatment

Care Instructions:
  - Easy-care instructions included
  - Machine washable covers (fabric dependent)
  - Spot clean filling as required

This detailed customization ensures that each pillow meets the specific aesthetic and comfort needs of the user, combining practicality, style, and eco-conscious options.

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